The one constant in the Universe is that everything is always changing; that we are all stronger together united in our diversity; and that compassion, patience, and understanding are the greatest strengths that individuals, communities, and nations can nurture to lead us forward toward generational peace, abundance, and prosperity.

The Alliance for Reason and Knowledge (ARK) is a grassroots organization founded on the core belief that people helping people can make the world a better place. Not with handouts but with a hand up to educate, empower, and ultimately enrich each individual’s capacities for living, loving, and leaving an enduring legacy. We work as a transition group, providing services and products that creating viable opportunities for economic and civic engagement. Through solution driven campaigns, we work to address core issues common to regional communities large and small- food, energy, and waste. Utilizing the proven principles of Nature we seek to assist in the movement of our collective consciousness from the current state of scarcity, fear, and control toward our natural roles of abundance, love, and personal responsibility. One person can change the world through the personal transformation to be the change they wish to see in the world. Will you be one of them?

So where to start? As Micheal Jackson put it, you start with the man (person) in the mirror. Follow the tab at the top of the page to solutions. There you will find additional links to the three key permaculture principles we use to identify areas of action- food, energy, and waste. After reviewing the material, look at your own patterns and how you can make changes there which will ripple out to your family, friends, and community. We will continue to update the pages and provide tools for measuring and therefore managing the change in your own world which will bloom out into the world at large. As your doing that you can also reach out to our offices to get engaged in one of our campaigns to further spread the word or become involved in the larger transition movement.  No change is too small and all positive and constructive efforts are appreciated.

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